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LMP doesn't play sound at all

This is a known issue if you're using KDE Phonon and running without KDE. The cause is that KDE's Phonon backend plugins are installed in LIBDIR/kde4/plugins/ while Qt by default only searches its plugins in LIBDIR/qt4/plugins/. So you have the following options:

  • Make symlinks in LIBDIR/qt4/plugins/ pointing to files in LIBDIR/kde4/plugins/
  • Add the path to KDE plugins into your QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable (which is exactly what KDE does).

LMP can't play audio streams

Use KDE's Phonon instead of Qt's one. Despite the name, KDE's Phonon doesn't pull the rest of KDE with it. The gstreamer backend is prefered. The 4.6.1 is known to be broken, 4.6.0 works quite good and 4.6.2 is even better.

System mixers does not see the LMP player

In some systems like Linux Mint 13 (with the Cinnamon environment) LMP player isn't seen by the system mixers. The solution is to move to PulseAudio.

Add the user to the audio group. Edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and set the following options:

File: /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
resample-method = src-sinc-medium-quality
default-sample-format = float32le

Run gstreamer-properties choose pulseaudio. Then run pulseaudio -k or reboot your system.

As the result, LMP should be seen by the system.

Happy listening!

This is checked with LeechCraft 0.5.80-121-ga87b2d3 Built with Qt 4.8.1, running with Qt 4.8.1 Running on: Linux Mint 13 Maya i686 3.5.0-3-generic #3-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 2 18:51:55 UTC 2012

LMP in system mixer