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Also check out the Feature requests discussions!

Features we want

GStreamer support in Azoth

Use GStreamer for VoIP there.

There is some support for VoIP in Azoth Xoox on the protocol level, but no support for fetching and outputting audio from/to the soundcard. The protocol implementation returns a QIODevice from which data can be read to obtain data frames from remote party, and one can write data into that device to send audio to remote party. Protocol level wraps the rest.

Jamendo integration in LMP

We need to support radio streams, obtaining artists info, recommendations, album art and similar stuff as does LastFMScrobble for Last.FM.

Native crash handler on Win32

Don't rely on DrKonqi from KDE. Seems like Google Breakpad is actually a good candidate.

DE components

Implement the following, for example:

  • Trayer, suitable for embedding tray icons from other applications.
  • Panel, for switching between running applications, and switching virtual desktops as well.
  • Application launcher (both krunner-like and lancelot-like approaches should be available).

LeechCraft + Openbox is already quite usable alone. And DE is our ultimate goal, after all :)

Multiple windows support

Implement a mode where LeechCraft can have multiple main windows. We need to support moving tabs between windows, opening tab in a new window, etc.

Some side bars and docks will be only in one window at a time (like Azoth's roster), some will be in all (like Sidebar), but with different content for each.

Speed Dial in Poshuku

The title says it all.

Dropbox support in NetStoreManager

Because of direct links to files there.

RSS import from opera via New Life

It would be great to get it.


  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japan
  • you name it


Here we describe the major issues for next milestone releases. Check out our roadmap on our issue tracker as well.


Yandex.Disk and general WebDav support.
CHM support in Monocle.
Use chmlib for this.
Improving Windows packaging.
Change install system tool or refine existing scripts.
Add plugin for background/on-demand LC upgrades with notifications about releases.
Add support for MSVC2012 (integrate patchsets with main LC source tree).
Or at least keep the kludgy patches in git near the source tree.